#NPOD: Roundleaf Catchfly #Nativeplants

Native Plant of the Day 05/29/2015

Photo from May 30, 2004. Location: Big Frog Trail, Polk County, TN.

Note: See comment below from Forestry Service Botanist David Taylor, which brings this identification into question.

Roundleaf Catchfly – for more photos / info go to the  Silene rotundifolia detail page.

Roundleaf Catchfly - Silene rotundifolia

Roundleaf Catchfly – Silene rotundifolia

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6 thoughts on “#NPOD: Roundleaf Catchfly #Nativeplants

  1. Adam

    I believe I found one of these in SC, which is interesting, as it appears they are not native to SC or are unreported in SC. Mine was found in northern Greenville County, approximately 5 miles from the NC line, on Glassy Mountain.

    1. Gerry Post author

      Any chance it was Silene virginica, which is more widespread, including being in SC? The main difference is leaf shape, with S. rotundifolia stem leaves being only 1 to 2 times as long as they are wide, and S. virginica leaves being narrower, at least 2.5 times as long as they are wide.

  2. David Taylor

    Silene rotundifolia is almost always found in rockshelters, or on protected ledges. It is considered a rockshelter endemic. It would not be found in open forest. The stem and leaves are somewhat clammy to the touch, sometimes even sticky. I am not sure based on seeing the plants not far apart in Kentucky that flower differences are all that strong.


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