USWildflowers.com is used to publish photos, journals, and thoughts about my wildflower photography hobby.  I am fortunate enough to live within about a 20-minute drive of The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, Georgia.  Some say that is the best wildflower site in the state of Georgia; I cannot disagree.  My many trips down there in the spring of 2008 to photograph the wildflowers, and the repeat of that  in the spring of 2009, inspired me to journal my findings there, to provide a more permanent, public record of the progression of the wildflowers at that location.  I also plan on journaling my wildflower discoveries in other areas as well.

Hopefully you will find the site enjoyable, and the information and photos contained herein useful.

Commercial warning:  To support my hobby, some links on these pages may be to Amazon.com, where you can make a purchase. If you do so, I will be paid a small commission. In addition, there are advertisements provided both by Amazon.com and by Google Adsense. To make these advertisements relevant to you, these services will place cookies on your (unless you have configured your browser to reject cookies.) Your continued use of this site implies your consent for this to happen. My intention is not to “sell” anything, but rather to provide resources, information, and enjoyment, and to offset some of the costs involved while doing so – my retirement income does not provide the revenue necessary to keep this site “on the air”, so it would shut down without this advertising revenue.

– Gerry Williamson

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  1. Walter Bland

    Gerry, Your website is great. I have a farm in Murray County, about 25 miles east of the Pocket. I grow native grasses and wildflowers and I do a lot of habitat restoration work for the Forest Service. I’d like to meet you sometime when you are going to be at the Pocket. Send me an e-mail or give me a call…

  2. Jennifer

    I have a photo of a flower we are trying to identify but cannot locate any images for it. Is there someplace I can submit a photo for identification? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  3. Marc Cruise

    Tremendous site Gerry, think its brilliant what your doing with site and your twitter feed, which I’m a big fan of and have copied your style in many ways.
    With the rapid decline in wildflowers in the west and many other areas of the globe. Your highlighting of wildflowers is invaluable. Keep up the great work.

    Marc Cruise/Ireland

    1. Gerry Post author

      Thank you, Marc. As you know, I’m a fan of your Twitter feed (@Marc_Cruise); love seeing the wildflowers from “across the pond.”


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