#NPOD Hooker’s Thistle #Nativeplants

Hooker’s Thistle – Native Plant of the Day 01/08/2017
Photo from 6/21/2011.  Location:  Boise Foothills, Ada County, ID.
More photos / info at the Cirsium hookerianum  detail page.

NOTE: A comment (below) from Bruce Bennett put my 5-year-old identification of this plant as Cirsium hookerianum in question. While I haven’t yet had time to research my reason for discounting other white-flowered thistles, some quick research on Bruce Bennett’s credentials implies that he can speak with some authority pertaining to plants in the area, making his identification of this plant as Cirsium undulatum (Wavy-leaf Thistle) almost certainly correct. Thank you, Bruce!

Hooker’s Thistle - Cirsium hookerianum

Hooker’s Thistle, White Thistle – Cirsium hookerianum

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5 thoughts on “#NPOD Hooker’s Thistle #Nativeplants

    1. Gerry Post author

      Cindy and I do too, Mia. I was especially glad to find that this one we see on our trips to Idaho is a native plant. Thanks for the visit and comment.

    1. Gerry Post author

      You may be correct, Bruce. To help me research it, what specific attributes lead you to that conclusion?
      – gcw


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