#NPOD: Slender Yellow Wood Sorrel #Nativeplants

Slender Yellow Wood Sorrel – Native Plant of the Day 10/21/2016

Photo from 5/17/2013.  Location: Walker County, GA.
More photos & info at the Oxalis dillenii detail page.

Slender Yellow Woodsorrel, Southern Yellow Wood-sorrel, Dillen’s Oxalis - Oxalis dillenii

Slender Yellow Woodsorrel – Oxalis dillenii

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4 thoughts on “#NPOD: Slender Yellow Wood Sorrel #Nativeplants

  1. Diana P.

    Good Morning.
    I was so happy to find a wildflower with the same name as my 12 year old daughter, Dillen. And it has the same spelling. I would love to see more pictures of this flower and show to her! We are taking photos of wildflowers where we live and I was looking up to see what kind they are and stumbled upon this. Thank you for your lovely photos!

    1. Gerry Post author

      Bill – Glad to find someone else struggling with keying these out. Your photos are excellent for identification; wish my skills were up to it. It appears that using Weakley’s keys, there is no yellow petaled, red-lined Oxalis with petals under 10mm except possibly O. texana, which doesn’t range this far north – but we’ve both photographed red-lined petals under 10mm. FNA keys are more complex, but I “kinda” keyed yours out to O. stricta in FNA. However, the FNA description (not the keys) say O. stricta does not have the red lines, but Dr. John Hilty on Illinoiswildflowers.info says the petals “sometimes are reddish toward their bases.” Another possible is O. colorea, which isn’t included in Weakley’s keys, isn’t as widespread a O. stricta or O. dillenii, and supposedly isn’t found in Maryland (although BONAP shows it in central Virginia and NE West Virginia) – or in Georgia where I live although it is in nearby counties of Alabama.


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