More #Birds in the #Snow in our Yard – Feb 2014

The weathermen missed the January event – it snowed and iced a lot further north than they expected.  They hedged their bets on this one – the governor of Georgia even declared an emergency before the first snowflake fell.  But one thing is assured – when it snows, the birds will make a visit to our yard because my wife keeps the feeder full.  Here are a few images from some of the birds that were about while I made my foray into the snow.

Bird Feeder

Our Feeder in the Snow

Brown Thrasher - Toxostoma rufum

Georgia’s State Bird: Brown Thrasher – Toxostoma rufum – visits our yard frequently, but comes out in the open more in the winter than during the summer.

Chipping Sparrow - Spizella passerina

I have a hard time identifying many sparrows – I think this is a Chipping Sparrow – Spizella passerina – which obviously has just left the feeder.

American Robin - Turdus migratorius

While American Robins (Turdus migratorius) frequent our yard year-round, there are certainly fewer in the winter.

Eastern Towhee (Female) - Pipilo erythrophthalmus

The Eastern Towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) is among our favortie year-round visitors to our yard. This one is a female.

Juvenile Northern Cardinal - Cardinalis cardinalis by USWildflowers, on Flickr

Northern Cardinals (Cardinalis cardinalis) are daily visitors.

Carolina Chickadee - Poecile carolinensis

Carolina Chickadee (making an assumption this is not Black-capped based on our north Georgia location) in a snowy Bradford Pear tree.

Song Sparrow - Melospiza melodia

Another sparrow – I think this one is a Song Sparrow – Melospiza melodia. I like the “stretch.”

Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis

Always waiting for an opportunity at our feeders…








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