03/27/2010 The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain with GA Botanical Society

On Saturday I participated in the Georgia Botanical Society outing to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, led by Mike Christison.  I’m a new member of the BotSoc, as they call it, and this membership in this organization is already paying dividends in many ways.  In addition to showing me two more wildflowers sites on Pigeon Mountain, I picked up two new species at The Pocket.  One of those was the Roundleaf Yellow Violet.

Roundleaf Yellow Violet - Viola rotundifolia

Roundleaf Yellow Violet

There were several violets beginning to bloom in addition to the roundleaf yellow violet.  While the wildflowers are definitely behind “schedule” there are signs that the season will be compressed and we’ll catch up soon.   Here are what we found blooming this weekend:

  • Rue Anemone (many blooming now)
  • Hepatica (just past peak)
  • Trout Lily (Peak)
  • Cut-leaf Toothwort (Peak)
  • Giant Chickweed (Peak)
  • Canada Violet (just beginning)
  • Roundleaf Yellow Violet (just beginning)
  • Long-Spurred Violet (many along the horse trail)
  • Common Blue Violet (a few here and there)
  • Virginia Bluebells (one or two blossom open, many buds)
  • Harbinger of Spring (still easy to find, but well past peak)
  • Celandine (Wood) Poppy (just a few open)
  • Bloodroot (Peak)
  • Spring Beauty (Peak)
  • Dutchman’s Breeches (a couple fully blooming, several with buds; they come and go quickly)

Getting close (Buds forming):

  • Blue Cohosh
  • Trailing Trillium
  • Toadshade Trillium
  • Foamflower (just a plant or two with just some beginning buds)
  • Stonecrop
  • Phacelia

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