02/14/2010 The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain

This is the beginning of the 2010 reporting on the wildflower status of The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain in Walker County, Georgia, the site that is described by the Georgia Botanical Society as “the premier spot in Georgia for early wildflowers.”

Icy Waterfalls at The Pocket

Icy Waterfalls at The Pocket

With the cold spell we had in late December, and the unusual snows we had in January and February, it’s really no surprise that this status report is quick: Nothing blooming… There is some foliage pushing; I spotted one tiny trailing trillium pushing up from under the leaves, but it we’re at least a week behind where we were at this time last year.  I’m not sure if last year was “early” or if this year is “late” – I suspect the latter.

I don’t expect to make as many trips down to the pocket this year as last year – there are other wildflower sites to explore!  I’ll try to get down there at least twice a month for the next few months.

To review all of the reports on the wildflowers at The Pocket – including the many trips from last year – select “The Pocket” from the category pull down at the top right of the page.

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3 thoughts on “02/14/2010 The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain

  1. Susan Cannell

    My husband and I went to the Pocket on Sunday, March 21st, and found both road damage and damage to the boardwalk. It appeared that there had been some serious flooding, with some of the roadway above culverts washed out and two slides within the valley, one of which took out a section of the boardwalk. We just parked and walked in past the road damage.

    Now to the flowers, lots in bud, only a few species in bloom. Usually this date in March has lots in bloom. Another week or two is my guess.


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