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Theme and Caching Update to the USWildflowers Journal – Technical stuff

11/10/2013: After the nasty surprise I got Friday – this blog got suspended for excessive CPU utilization – I had to make some changes to get reinstated.  If you’re a regular visitor to the USWildflowers Journal, you probably noticed the appearance change.  Here is the reason it’s changed, in much more detail than most of you care about.  Let’s call it “documentation” rather than “he’s talking to himself, again.”

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Apologies for Yesterday’s USWildflowers.com Outage

My apologies for yesterday’s outage of access to USWildflowers.com.  Apparently sometime around noon Eastern Standard Time my DNS service provider reverted to an old zone file for USWildflowers.com.  Since the website had recently been moved to a new server by my hosting provider, the old IP address was incorrect.  While the site was operational, browsers were unable to reach it due to the incorrect IP address.  I had a busy afternoon and evening “away from the office” and didn’t notice the problem until around 10 PM, when I refreshed the DNS zone file to correct the problem.

Thank you for your patience and continued loyalty to USWildflowers.com


Update 09/11/2013 09:44: I have started the migration of USWildflowers.com DNS services from the free DNS provider to Amazon AWS Route 53 DNS services.