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Wildflower Report: Sitton’s Gulch, Cloudland Canyon State Park

The Georgia Botanical Society made their trip to Cloudland Canyon State Park on Saturday, April 11, and I saw their photo report on Facebook. That, and a report from Richard Ware’s Sunday trip to the same location, inspired me to take advantage of a break in this week’s rain on Tuesday to get back over to Sitton’s Gulch to see the Dwarf Larkspur, Southern Red Trillium, and other wildflowers. It was a great choice, with at least 34 species of wildflower observed.

Dwarf Larkspur, Spring Larkspur - Delphinium tricorne

Dwarf Larkspur – Delphinium tricorne – Unusual blue form along Sitton Gulch Trail side loop

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#Waterfalls and #Wildflowers Walks – Cloudland Canyon State Park

I made a July trip over to Cloudland Canyon State Park to see the waterfalls with an expectation that I’d also see many wildflowers along the way, and I wasn’t disappointed.  While recently posting a report on a visit to nearby Lula Falls, I discovered that I’d never written the planned report on the Cloudland Canyon trip.  I quickly realized that I didn’t remember many of the details of the walk – and I was relieved to discover that the July trip was in 2011, not just this past July, so the memory fade was more reasonable.  But to refresh that failing memory, I made another trip up there on Dec 5.  Here are a dozen photos from those two “waterfalls and wildflowers walks.”

(Click on any image and you’ll go to Flickr where you can view larger sized images.)

Unnamed Falls - Cloudland Canyon State Park by USWildflowers, on Flickr

Unnamed Falls along Sitton Gulch Trail near the Waterfalls Trail junction – Cloudland Canyon State Park

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