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The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain 02/11/2015 – It’s Stirring…

Today (2/11) was sunny and unseasonally warm (62 degrees by late afternoon) for February, but much colder weather is forecast – tomorrow topping out in the 30s. Since we’ve been out of town for several days, I figured I should take this opportunity to check to see if the wildflowers are starting to show up at The Pocket. I was expecting to see Harbinger-of-Spring and that other harbinger of spring, Hepatica blooming, and kind of expected to see some Toothwort blooming. Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Harbinger-of-Spring - Erigenia bulbosa

Harbinger-of-Spring – Erigenia bulbosa

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The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain – Fee Area

UPDATE 07/12/2017: Effective the first of July, there have been changes to the fee structure:

  • GORP has been replaced with a “Lands Pass”. This is $30 per year for an individual resident of Georgia, $60 for a non-resident.
  • There is no longer a small group pass. Each eligible party must have their own pass.
  • While those under the age of 16 do not need a pass, folks over 65 are no longer free. They must have a pass/license.
  • If you’re over 65 and a resident of Georgia, it is more cost-effective to get a Senior Sportsman’s License than a Lands Pass, since there is no senior discount for a Lands Pass. Get this: A 1-yr Sr. Sportsman’s License costs $7.  Or (figure this one out) if you’re over 65 and a Georgia resident you can get a Lifetime Sportsman’s License  for free for a lifetime, and it will let you fish, and if you take a hunting safety course ($28) hunt.

Original post from 1/30/2012:

I’d been looking for an opportunity to head down to The Pocket to photograph the the leaves of Aplectrum hyemale, which are withered or entirely gone by bloom time in early May.  Sunday was a beautiful day, so I headed out after our family lunch for the 20-mile drive.  While I was a couple of months late for fresh leaves, it was still a trip of discovery – I discovered that the Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area is now a fee area.

Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area by USWildflowers, on Flickr

Crockford-Pigeon Mountain Wildlife Management Area is now a fee area.

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