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Galax – Galax urceolata – Photos and Information Updated on USWildflowers.com

The Galax detail page has been revised with additional photos and information (01/10/2014.)  The scientific name of this native species is Galax urceolata.  Photo below was taken on Tray Mountain in Towns County, GA on Dec 20, 2002.  This species was originally added to the USWildflowers database in 2008.

Beetleweed, Galax, Wandplant, Wandflower, Coltsfoot - Galax urceolata

Winter leaves of Galax urceolata

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Destination – Rocky Top, Tennessee (part 1)

In the past my good friend Dave Ridge and I made a point to get at least one winter backpacking trip in each year, and for several years had our annual “Piece o’ the AT Winter Hike.”  For various reasons we hadn’t been able to do that for several years, so I was pumped when Dave called to invite me along with a couple of other guys for a  2-nighter – and the scheduled worked.  This past weekend we hiked around 17 or 18 miles in the Smokies, including a great side-trip up Rocky Top.

Rocky Top, Tennessee

Rocky Top

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