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#Wildflowers of The Walking Track at Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene

Several years ago the Chattanooga Valley Church of the Nazarene generously opened a walking track next to a creek on their property in Flintstone, Georgia and made it available to the public. My wife and I take advantage of that track from time to time, and have been surprised and pleased by how many wildflowers grow in the area.  Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we walked the track, and I went back later to photograph the wildflowers.  Here are a dozen native species blooming now along the track.

Green-headed Coneflower, Cutleaf Coneflower

Among the first wildflowers you notice along the creek is Green-headed Coneflower.

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False Nutsedge – Cyperus strigosus – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

False Nutsedge, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (12/09/2013.) Scientific name is Cyperus strigosus.  It is also known as Strawcolored Flatsedge,  and Strawcolor Nutgrass.  Photo below was taken in Walker County, GA, on Sep 5, 2013.  Go to the False Nutsedge detail page for more photos and information.

False Nutsedge, Strawcolored Flatsedge, Strawcolor Nutgrass - Cyperus strigosus

False Nutsedge – Cyperus strigosus

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