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04/06/2010 Wildflower Status Update at The Pocket on Pigeon Mountain

We made a quick trip down to The Pocket on Tuesday evening.  We made a short 100-yard walk up the horse trail and took a spin around the boardwalk, so I’m unable to update the status of flowers found along the trail to the falls, but here’s what I’ve got.

Wild Blue Phlox - Phlox divaricata

Wild Blue Phlox from 04/06/2010

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04/01/2010 The Pocket Status Update

In summary: This will be a good weekend at The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, especially since tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and warm, as was today. 

Aquilegia canadensis - Columbine

Aquilegia canadensis - Columbine from 04/01/2010

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04/17/2009: The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain

Wild Geranium Seed FormationCindy and I headed down to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain around 4:30 Friday afternoon.  I knew the light would be failing on the Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail soon after we arrived, but I was committed for Saturday, and wanted to make sure I was able to make a weekly report on the wildflower status during the spring season.  If you’re into watching the seed-formation process, this is a good time for you.  There is still an abundance of wildflowers in The Pocket, making a trip absolutely worthwhile, but of the “signature flowers,” Virginia bluebell and wood poppy are past blooming or almost so, and the bent trillium is abundant but in decline.  The dominant species in the boardwalk area is probably the wild hyacinth, with the wild geranium still providing a pink splash around much of the trail. 

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04/11/2009 The Pocket – Status Update

Flowering DogwoodTo avoid crowds like those that were on the Shirley Miller Trail at The Pocket on Pigeon Mountain last week, I headed down there early Saturday morning, arriving at the parking area shortly after 8 AM. The sky was overcast, but the wind was low – a good situation for wildflower photography. My first stop was the dogwood tree beside the parking area.

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04/04/2009 The Pocket – CVPC Keenagers

dsc_3108c.jpgDue to rain and obligations, it had been 9 days since I’d been down to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain. Today was the Chattanooga Valley Presbyterian Church’s Keen-agers’ annual (I think) wildflower hike at The Pocket, so at 10 AM I joined the other folks in my age group at the church, and soon we headed on down to Pigeon Mountain. I returned from the hike with 381 photographs; two of them with people in them. After an initial run through the photographs, I’ve deleted about 150 of them; both photos of people remain.

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03/26/2009 The Pocket Wildflowers

ColumbineFive days ago I said “a couple more weeks” for the columbine.  Down by the creek they are just getting close; one plant is real close to opening up its bloom.  But up above the falls on a rock that gets sun most of the day, there was a single columbine blossom adorning that rock.  There were a few other surprises along the way. Continue reading

Bellwort Identification Change

Large-Flowered Bellwort

Large-Flowered Bellwort

I’m no wildflower expert, but all the information on the Internet, plus several identification guides, allow me to make educated guesses as to the specific species of many wildflowers I photograph.  Sometimes I’m more sure than at other times, but it’s not particularly unusual for me to change my mind.  I’ve done that now on the flower that I had previously identified as Perfoliate Bellwort. Continue reading

03/15/2009 The Pocket

Spring Beauty

Spring Beauty

Six days since I had been up to The Pocket.   The rain broke during church, so after the church lunch I headed down to check out the wildflowers.  The Spring Beauty is currently the dominant flower in terms of number in bloom; they are everywhere. Continue reading