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Minor Changes to Detail Page on – Related Species

The Species Detail Page now provides an ability to more easily display related species.  The family name in the left side of the species heading has been changed to a hot-link to a page displaying a thumbnail of each species in the USWildflowers database in that family.  Previously the only way to get this list was to go to the Index page and click on the family hot-link in that (rather long) listing.  Also, the genus common name has been made a hot-link to a page listing thumbnails of all species contained in the USWildflowers database which are in that genus.

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Two small changes to the State Reference Page on

  1. Randomized the thumbnails representing each color of species for the queried state.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never took the time to track down how to randomize the species selection query results.  Turned out to be a simple clause addition to the MySQL query.  I’m pleased with the results.  You get a different thumbnail for each color each time you hit the page.  I’ve also restricted those thumbnails to select only from the U.S. native plants. 
  2. Added a Google Adsense advertisement at the bottom.  Sorry, folks, but these haven’t seemed to  be too intrusive, and I’m still trying to break even on that monthly web hosting fee.

“Tuning” Updates to

My raised awareness of issues around native vs introduced plants resulting from my time on Twitter, as well as a decision to standardize my “group name” using the common name applied to the plant genus has led me to make a few recent minor changes to the USWildflowers website.  Hopefully these changes will be helpful to folks using the site.  Read on for details… Continue reading

Beauty Contest

I’ve been mulling this idea over for a while, but thought I’d have to track the

Our aging beauty queen

Our Aging Beauty Queen

 vote myself, and I never found the time to implement the database and coding changes necessary to make it happen.  The Cyprepidium acaule (pink ladyslipper) photo that has been displayed in the right-side column on several of pages, including the home page, is getting a little long in the tooth.  I’ve decided that a new face is appropriate.  In fact, a new face maybe every month. 

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It’s been a while…

I apologize for the relatively long hiatus from a post here on the Journal, and this one isn’t even to present a flower.  I haven’t posted here for over 10 days, but I have been real busy.  I’m not only talking about my day job, and the time I’ve spent enjoying a visit from my youngest daughter and her four sons (her hubby was only through here for a couple of days, but it was nice to see Andy again,)  and the quick overnight trip to Nashville with 12 grandchildren and more to visit relatives up that way, or the trip to Atlanta to deliver folks to the airport. 

No, on top of that, there have been some changes on the website.  Read on if you’re interested in hearing about them…

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