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CDN Take 2: Amazon Cloudfront

Back on March 11 I ended the Content Distribution Network experiment with Cloudflare.  However, the reason I entered into that experiment still existed – performance of the website, and fear of having my Hostgator shared hosting account suspended for overuse (“abuse” is what they call it; but they don’t provide a way of predicting when we’re getting close to that “abuse” level.)  Today Twitter friend Steve Creek had his Hostgator shared hosting account suspended for this very reason – caused by the site’s popularity.  Twitter friend Adam Jack had previously mentioned that he was looking at Amazon’s Cloudfront service, so I had taken a look at it and it seemed usable.  I made some changes today.

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Content Distribution Network – Cloudflare

I’ve been concerned about a couple of potential issues as the audience for grows, and while the jury is still out on the effectiveness, I hope they’ll be helped a bit by using a CDN – Content Distribution Network.  I doubt this will interest most folks reading this journal, but I want to get it down “on paper” as a record of when and why.

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