#NPOD: Galax #Nativeplants

Galax – Native Plant of the Day 01/28/2018
Photo from May 30, 2009. Location: Polk County, TN.
More photos / info at the Galax urceolata detail page.

Beetleweed; Galax - Galax urceolata

Beetleweed; Galax – Galax urceolata

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3 thoughts on “#NPOD: Galax #Nativeplants

  1. Pam Owen

    As a nature writer, I use this site all the time to help with wildflower ID and other information about our native flowers. I’ve never heard of this species’ being called Coltsfoot. What is more commonly called Coltsfoot where I live in Virginia (the Blue Ridge) is Tussilago farfara, which is used by some people for some medicinal purposes. I don’t see that listed on the Virginia page and wondered why.

    1. Gerry Post author

      Pam – While Coltsfoot is most commonly applied to Tussilago farfara, it is, after all, a common name. A common name quite frequently will be applied to multiple species, and most species have more than one common name. “Coltsfoot” has been applied to Galax urceolata, although I don’t know the region or timeframe – the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is one reference for that common name.

      Tussilago farfara is not in the USWildflowers database simply because I haven’t knowingly run across it since I started this hobby of wildflower photography and identification.

      Thanks for your comment. Pam. I’m glad you find the website useful.
      – gcw


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