#NPOD: American Lopseed #Nativeplants

American Lopseed – Native Plant of the Day 12/07/2017
Photo from 8/16/2013.  Location: Hamilton County, TN.
More photos / info at the Phryma leptostachya detail page.

Lopseed, American Lopseed - Phryma leptostachya

American Lopseed – Phryma leptostachya

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2 thoughts on “#NPOD: American Lopseed #Nativeplants

  1. Janet

    I am trying to identify a plant I’ve found in the woods near me in Pa. It looks just like this plant, has tiny flowers than run up the stalk just like this plant. The only difference is the flowers are not opposite each other, they are alternate. Can you tell me if this is the same plant?


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