#NPOD: Swamp Smartweed #Nativeplants

Swamp Smartweed – Native Plant of the Day 10/02/2017
Photo from 9/1/2005. Location:  Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, MN.
More photos & info at the Persicaria amphibia detail page.

Water Knotweed, Swamp Smartweed, Water Smartweed - Polygonum amphibium

Swamp Smartweed – Polygonum amphibium

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(Note: Persicaria amphibia was until recently classified as Polygonum amphibium.)

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3 thoughts on “#NPOD: Swamp Smartweed #Nativeplants

  1. Gerry Post author

    It is lovely, Janet. I was fortunate enough to make a return trip to the Boundary Waters a few weeks ago, and got to photograph them in the water. I’ll have to get one of those photographs published soon.

    Thanks for the return visit!


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