#NPOD: Spotted Jewelweed #Nativeplants

Spotted Jewelweed – Native Plant of the Day 09/10/2017
Photo from 9/6/2009. Location: Walker County, GA.
More info/ photos at the Impatiens capensis detail page.

Spotted Jewelweed - Impatiens capensis

Spotted Jewelweed – Impatiens capensis

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One thought on “#NPOD: Spotted Jewelweed #Nativeplants

  1. Annette (Schrab) Clark

    I love the little jewelweed-they only show up in one spot here each year but this year there has been no-show. Likely due to unseasonal cool weather. They usually bloom in the heat of July but are hard to see even when I know where to find them. They remind me of my boy-now 20-he has bright red hair (orange he calls it), and the little flower looks like a little child’s sweatshirt hood to me. So, I always look for it. My Poem:

    Child of Mine

    so tiny to touch
    to tug back the hood
    orange and
    softer than the most soft
    of cottons, I think,
    and beneath-
    O freckles to see
    Specks swept over smooth
    along sweet curving cheek
    secrets sit here with me
    among jewels within my treasured weeds
    wild in the recess of the woods
    logs in the hollow
    young grown old
    it’s grown cold
    chill in the air
    I should go home
    but we’re both not there


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