#NPOD: Royal Catchfly #Nativeplants

Royal Catchfly – Native Plant of the Day 08/07/2017
Photo from 08/04/2013. Location: Dade County, GA.
More photos / info at the Silene regia detail page.

Royal Catchfly - Silene regia

Royal Catchfly – Silene regia

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7 thoughts on “#NPOD: Royal Catchfly #Nativeplants

  1. Karen

    I have one of these plants in my yard in Catoosa county, Ga
    I moved it from my father-in-laws woods after he passed away and put it in my woods to remember him by and wintered it in a pot and have set it in woods this spring and is now in bloom. I am hoping it will spread.

  2. Bruckner8

    I swear I saw this in Southern VA a few days ago, hiking the Hot Tamale Trail at Angler’s Park in Danville, VA, but your website doesn’t list VA as one of its locations!

    1. Gerry Post author

      It was more likely Fire Pink – Silene virginica – than Royal Catchfly – Silene regia. They have very similar flowers.

      1. Bruckner8

        I went back and took pictures, lol. I don’t know how to post them here, but after googling Fire Pink, I’m unconvinced. I’m no flower person; just someone who saw a colorful flower all by itself among a sea of green and brown.

      2. Bruckner8

        I take it back…I’m sure you’re right, now that I put the photos on my laptop! Thanks!

  3. JeanneLove Ferguson

    Have found these in Scott County, TN near the Big South Fork National Recreational Area on family property. Took pictures but can not figure out how to post


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