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#NPOD: American White Waterlily #Nativeplants

American White Waterlily – Native Plant of the Day 8/31/2017
Photo from 8/29/2005. Location:  Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, MN.
More photos / info at the Nymphaea odorata detail page.

American White Water Lily - Nymphaea odorata

American White Water Lily – Nymphaea odorata

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Roundleaf Thoroughwort – Eupatorium rotundifolium – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Roundleaf Thoroughwort, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (08/20/2017.) Scientific name is Eupatorium rotundifolium. Photo below was taken in the May Prairie State Natural Area, Coffee County, TN on July 10, 2017. Go to the Roundleaf Thoroughwort detail page for more information and photos.

Roundleaf Thoroughwort, Common Roundleaf Eupatorium - Eupatorium rotundifolium

Roundleaf Thoroughwort – Eupatorium rotundifolium

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#NPOD: Hollow Joe Pye Weed #Nativeplants

Hollow Joe Pye Weed with Eastern Swallowtail butterfly – Native Plant of the Day 08/24/2017
Photo from 08/27/2010.  Location: Walker County, GA.
More photos / info at the Eutrochium fistulosum detail page.

Hollow Joe Pye Weed, Trumpetweed - Eupatoriadelphus fistulosus

Hollow Joe Pye Weed, Trumpetweed – Eutrochium fistulosum

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#NPOD Wingleaf Primrose-willow #Nativeplants

Wingleaf Primrose-willow – Native Plant of the Day 08/23/2017
Photo from 8/17/2013. Location: Riverwalk, Amnicola Marsh, Hamilton County, TN.
More info / photos at the Ludwigia decurrens detail page.

Wingleaf Primrose-willow, Wingstem Water Primrose, Willow Primrose, Upright Primrose-willow - Ludwigia decurrens

Wingleaf Primrose-willow – Ludwigia decurrens

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