#NPOD: Vasey’s Trillium #Nativeplants

Vasey’s Trillium – Native Plant of the Day 04/18/2017
Photo from 04/30/2010. Location: Blue Ridge Gap Area, Towns County, Ga.
More photos / info at the Trillium vaseyi  detail page.

Vasey's Trillium, Sweet Wakerobin - Trillium vaseyi

Vasey’s Trillium – Trillium vaseyi

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4 thoughts on “#NPOD: Vasey’s Trillium #Nativeplants

    1. Gerry Post author

      Thanks, Mia. These were the first Vasey’s Trillium we had seen, and my wife and I were pretty excited about them; they are beautiful flowers.

  1. Jen

    I was walking the woods today of north east Pennsylvania on the border of New York and came across three patches of these! Been searching ever since to find out what they were. They were growing on the border of a small wooded stream fed by a spring. Is this rare for my area?

    1. Gerry Post author

      If this was indeed Vasey’s it would be rare, as it isn’t reported as being found in Pennsylvania. If the flower is held above the “leaves”, it is likely Trillium erectum, which is found in Pennsylvania, and is usually similarly colored, although also can be white. I presently only have photographs of the white form on USWildflowers.com, so I may have decoyed you on that identification.


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