#NPOD: Eastern Sweetshrub #Nativeplants

Eastern Sweetshrub – Native Plant of the Day 04/26/2017
Photo from 04/26/2008. Location:  Grundy County, TN.
More photos / info at the Calycanthus floridus detail page.

Eastern Sweetshrub - Calycanthus floridus by USWildflowers, on Flickr

Eastern Sweetshrub, Carolina Allspice, Strawberry Shrub – Calycanthus floridus

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2 thoughts on “#NPOD: Eastern Sweetshrub #Nativeplants

  1. Bruce Adkins

    Growing up in Eastern, KY., in Daniel Boone National Forest, we would occasionally find these “Spicebush” in the woods. The Sweet intoxicating smell is my all-time favorite blooming bush. I had 2 large 8′ bushes planted near our house, and while they were blooming, they were non-stop interest to folks visiting or walking by catching the wonderful scent. A person Truly has to experience the smell of them to appreciate. The large seed pods are very interesting as well. I would not hesitate to suggest to purchase these if you find them for sale at a greenhouse or nursery. Just an awesome shrub!!


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