#NPOD: Common Blue Violet #Nativeplants

Common Blue Violet – Native Plant of the Day 03/01/2017
Photo from 03/21/2009. Location: The Pocket, Walker County, GA.
More photos / info at the Viola sororia detail page.

Common Blue Violet - Viola sororia

Common Blue Violet – Viola sororia

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2 thoughts on “#NPOD: Common Blue Violet #Nativeplants

  1. Marvin Smith

    Coincidentally, I found our first blooming Common Blue Violet on 3/1. I knew where to look for this particular specimen. It grows in a microclimate created by a south-facing rock face — actually growing out of a crack in the rock — and always blooms a week or so ahead of it’s ground-dwelling kin.

  2. Gerry Post author

    I love having those special places like that, Marvin. I’ve got a particular spot I check for the first Columbine of the season. However, I found another spot this year with even earlier blooms; a bit harder to reach. (Sorry I took a year to respond!)


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