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#NPOD: Purple Phacelia #Nativeplants

Purple Phacelia – Native Plant of the Day 03/22/2017
Photo from 03/26/2009. Location: The Pocket, Walker County, Ga.
More photos / info at the Phacelia bipinnatifida detail page.

Purple Phacelia, Fernleaf Phacelia - Phacelia bipinnatifida

Purple Phacelia, Fernleaf Phacelia – Phacelia bipinnatifida

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Wild Ginger – Asarum canadense – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Wild Ginger, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (03/20/2017.) Scientific name is Asarum canadense. Photo below was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Blount County, TN on April 20, 2016. Go to the Wild Ginger detail page for more information and photos.

Common Wild Ginger, Canadian Wild Ginger - Asarum canadense

Wild Ginger – Asarum canadense

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The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain Status Update 03/17/2017 – 30 Species Blooming

I always get surprises when I go to The Pocket. Today was no exception, except that since things started blooming so much earlier than usual this year (Hepatica in January!), I was expecting the “early season” to continue – expecting some of the earlier species to be gone, and frankly I was expecting to see the Bent White Trillium blooming. However, with the exception of Lindera benzoin (Spicebush), ALL of the early species were still blooming. So with all those earlier ones, and a few more added this trip, I found 30 species in flower this trip. And those Bent White Trillium, while close, are not yet blooming.  It seems the wildflowers at The Pocket are now closer to “normal schedule” than “really early.”

Bent White Trillium - Trillium flexipes

Not quite yet – Bent White Trillium – Trillium flexipes

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