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Look What I Found Peeking thru the Leaves at The Pocket (02/12/2017)

As expected, the Hepatica were still blooming at the Pocket – they were starting to bloom the last few days of January, but after all, it is just mid-February. Also as expected, Harbinger-of-spring was blooming. Not surprisingly, Star Chickweed was blooming, but I was surprised that with the other plants in bloom, I didn’t find Toothwort in flower (although I did find one with buds.) But there were two other surprises for me, these on the positive side.

Look what was poking up through the leaves along the boardwalk:

Bloodroot at The Pocket

Bloodroot at The Pocket – on Feb 12!

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Long-styled Gladecress – Leavenworthia stylosa – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Long-styled Gladecress, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (02/10/2017.) Scientific name is Leavenworthia stylosa. Photo below was taken in the Couchville Cedar Glade State Natural Area in Davidson County, TN on March 30, 2016. Go to the Long-styled Gladecress detail page for more information and photos.

Long-styled Gladecress, Nashville Mustard, Cedar Gladecress - Leavenworthia stylosa

Long-styled Gladecress – Leavenworthia stylosa

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Hepatica are Blooming at The Pocket 01/31/2017

My wife and I made a trip down to the Pocket on Tuesday, 1/31/2017. With the warm winter we’ve had, I was not going to be surprised to find something blooming – and it was! There were dozens of Hepatica (Anemone acutiloba) blooming along the boardwalk. I expected to find Harbinger-of-spring (Erigenia bulbosa) blooming as well, but none were to be found.

Here’s a photo of one of the Hepatica:

Hepatica - Anemone acutiloba

Hepatica – Anemone acutiloba – blooming at The Pocket on 1/31/2017

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