Look What I Found Peeking thru the Leaves at The Pocket (02/12/2017)

As expected, the Hepatica were still blooming at the Pocket – they were starting to bloom the last few days of January, but after all, it is just mid-February. Also as expected, Harbinger-of-spring was blooming. Not surprisingly, Star Chickweed was blooming, but I was surprised that with the other plants in bloom, I didn’t find Toothwort in flower (although I did find one with buds.) But there were two other surprises for me, these on the positive side.

Look what was poking up through the leaves along the boardwalk:

Bloodroot at The Pocket

Bloodroot at The Pocket – on Feb 12!

Besides the Bloodroot – the other surprise: There were a few Virginia Bluebell plants in bud, but there was also a plant with fully-opened flowers:

Virginia Bluebells - Mertensia virginica

Virginia Bluebells at The Pocket – on Feb 12!

Keep praying for rain; the water level in the creek is at summer level – the drought is still with us.


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