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#NPOD: Heartleaf Foamflower #Nativeplants

Heartleaf Foamflower – Native Plant of the Day 02/28/2017
Photo from 04/11/2008. Location: The Pocket, Walker County, Ga.
More photos / info at the  Tiarella cordifolia detail page.

Heartleaf Foamflower - Tiarella cordifolia

Heartleaf Foamflower – Tiarella cordifolia

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Eastern Teaberry – Gaultheria procumbens – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Eastern Teaberry, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (02/27/2017.) Scientific name is Gaultheria procumbens. Photo below was taken in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Cocke County, TN on April 1, 2014. Go to the Eastern Teaberry detail page for more information and photos.

Eastern Teaberry, American Wintergreen, Checkerberry - Gaultheria procumbens

Eastern Teaberry, American Wintergreen – Gaultheria procumbens

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#NPOD: Southern Twayblade #Nativeplants

Southern Twayblade – Native Plant of the Day 02/23/2017
Photo from 02/20/2014.  Location: Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve, Grady County, GA.
More photos / info at the Listera australis detail page.

Southern Twayblade - Listera australis

Southern Twayblade – Listera australis

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#NPOD: Dimpled Trout Lily #Nativeplants

Dimpled Trout Lily – Native Plant of the Day 02/22/2017
Photo from 02/19/2014.  Location:  Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve, Grady County, Ga.
More photos / info at the Erythronium umbilicatum detail page.

Dimpled Trout Lily, Dimpled Dogtooth Violet, Southern Appalachian Trout Lily - Erythronium umbilicatum

Dimpled Trout Lily – Erythronium umbilicatum

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The Pocket on Pigeon Mountain Status Update 02/21/2017 – 9 Species Blooming

As expected with this warm weather, we’ve added a few species to what are blooming at The Pocket. As I was hoping, Carolina Spring Beauty are now pretty widespread.  While 9 species are a far cry from the 40 that may be blooming at peak, we’ve got to remember, this is mid-February!

Carolina Spring Beauty, Wide-leaved Spring Beauty - Claytonia caroliniana

Carolina Spring Beauty – Claytonia caroliniana

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#NPOD: Elliott’s Blueberry #Nativeplants

Elliott’s Blueberry – Native Plant of the Day 02/21/2017
Photo from 02/20/2014.  Location: Wolf Creek Trout Lily Preserve, Grady County, GA.
More photos / info at the Vaccinium elliottii detail page.

Elliott’s Blueberry, Mayberry, High Bush Blueberry - Vaccinium elliottii

Elliott’s Blueberry – Vaccinium elliottii

Also NPOD 01/05/2015, 02/22/2016