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#NPOD: Pineapple Weed #Nativeplants

Pineapple Weed – Native Plant of the Day 12/31/2016
Matricaria discoidea is native to several northwestern states, but is introduced in most of the rest of its current range.
Photo from May 28, 2012.  Location: Hell’s Canyon, Adams County, ID.
More photos / info at the Matricaria discoidea detail page.

Pineapple Weed - Matricaria discoidea

Pineapple Weed – Matricaria discoidea

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#NPOD: Yellow Horse Gentian #Nativeplants

Yellow Horse Gentian – Native Plant of the Day 12/28/2016
Photo from 4/16/2010.  Location: Pigeon Mountain, Walker County, GA.
More photos / info at the Triosteum angustifolium detail page.

Yellow Horse Gentian, Yellowfruit Horsegentian, Narrow-leaved Horse-gentian, Lesser Horse-gentian, Yellow Tinkers Weed - Triosteum angustifolium

Yellow Horse Gentian – Triosteum angustifolium

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#NPOD: Christmasberry #Nativeplants

Christmasberry – Native Plant of the Day 12/25/2016
Photo from 12/21/2011.  Location: De Soto National Monument, Manatee County, FL.
More photos / info at the Lycium carolinianum detail page.

Christmasberry - Lycium carolinianum

Christmasberry, Carolina Wolfberry, Carolina Desert-thorn, Creeping Wolfberry – Lycium carolinianum

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