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Cumberland Rosinweed – Silphium bracheatum – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Cumberland Rosinweed, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (08/19/2016.) Scientific name is Silphium bracheatum.  Photo below was taken in Franklin County, TN on Aug 13, 2016. Go to the Cumberland Rosinweed detail page for more information.

Cumberland Rosinweed - Silphium brachiatum

Cumberland Rosinweed – Silphium brachiatum

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#RV Journal: Grayson Highlands State Park Hickory Ridge Campground

Location / Name: Grayson Highlands State Park Hickory Ridge Campground,  Mouth of Wilson, VA (Near Mt. Rogers)

Date: 08/01//2016 thru 08/05 (4 nights)

Grayson Highlands State Park came to my attention when I started rock climbing. I had heard it mentioned quite favorably several times in conversations in relation to bouldering, one form of rock climbing. On a trip to visit relatives in Roanoke, Virginia last year with my wife I wanted to swing by the state park to look it over, and we loved the ride up The Crooked Road and the wonderful views from within the park, so I knew then that at some point I wanted to spend a few days there in the campground. Things finally lined up and I was able to spend four nights there starting Aug 1, 2016. NOTE: Grayson Highlands State Park also has a horse campground that is not reviewed here.

Grayson Highlands State Park Wild Ponies

Grayson Highlands State Park Wild Ponies – from the Rhododendron Trail

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