Round-lobed Hepatica – Anemone americana – Added to USWildflowers’ Database

Round-lobed Hepatica, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (02/17/2016.) Scientific name is Anemone americana.  Photo below was taken at the Elsie Holmes Nature Park, Catoosa County, GA on March 15, 2015. Go to the Round-lobed Hepatica detail page for more information.

Round-lobed Hepatica, Liverleaf - Anemone americana

Round-lobed Hepatica- Anemone americana

Round-lobed Hepatica was previously included at as part of the Hepatica nobilis page, because both Round-lobed Hepatica and Sharp-lobed Hepatica have until recently been classified of varieties of that species. It is now generally accepted that they are included in the Anemone genus, as A. americana (Round-lobed Hepatica) and A. acutiloba (Sharp-lobed Hepatica.) Since most of the Hepatica nobilis page was covering Sharp-lobed Hepatica, that page has been converted to the Anemone acutiloba page.

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