The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain Status Update 03/01/2015

Even though it’s been 2 ½ weeks since the last report, there is little change to report from then. Probably shouldn’t be a surprise considering the last couple of weeks have included long stretches where it didn’t get above freezing, multiple nights with lows in the single digits, and a snow of over 7”. Still, I was hoping for a little more action.

The temperature was below 50 degrees after church, it was overcast, and the rain showers had started before I headed out. What I really wanted to do today was to crawl into bed and yield to depression-driven sleep brought on by a week of dealing with friends’ and family’s illness, death, and taxes. But I figured that even a walk in the rain was better therapy than sleep, so I headed south.

Since it was raining, I didn’t carry my camera – apologies for the lack of photos. Just refer to the report on 2/11/2015; the main thing changing is that there is now water in the falls. There is a little more Harbinger of Spring blooming, and I saw two Toothworts with blossoms instead of just one.  If anything, I think the Hepatica has regressed some rather than progressed. I did see some Bluebell leaves pushing up through the forest duff that weren’t there on 2/11, and I spotted the leaves of another Tipularia (aka Cranefly Orchid) – this time along the falls trail. I flagged the one near the bottom of the Pocket Loop Trail to make it easier to spot after the leaves wither; hopefully folks won’t disturb it. There were also a few more Trillium decumbens sprouting this time around.

There was some good news – the boardwalk has been repaired; to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Thanks! The trees down across the trail near the falls are still there. Maybe with the temperatures expected to be back in the lower 20s later this week, and with the possibility of more snow, the season will be delayed further – that can lead to a more “compressed” flowering period at The Pocket, a plus for folks hoping to see a wider variety of wildflowers.

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