#NPOD: Southern Ground Cedar #Nativeplants

Native Plant of the Day 11/12/2012

Photo from 9/1/2003.  Location:  Dawson County, GA

Southern Ground Cedar – for more photos / information go to the Lycopodium digitatum detail page.

It’s a bit of a stretch to call this a wildflower – it is actually classified as a Fern-ally – nearly a fern, but not.

Southern Ground Cedar - Diphasiastrum digitatum

Southern Ground Cedar, Fan Clubmoss – Diphasiastrum digitatum

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One thought on “#NPOD: Southern Ground Cedar #Nativeplants

  1. Toni Moody

    I did not realize this was a moss. My woods are full of it and it is beautiful. I’m going to make Christmas wreaths out of it this year. When this moss drys it turns a light gold which is also pretty.


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