Minor Changes to Detail Page on USWildflowers.com – Related Species

The Species Detail Page now provides an ability to more easily display related species.  The family name in the left side of the species heading has been changed to a hot-link to a page displaying a thumbnail of each species in the USWildflowers database in that family.  Previously the only way to get this list was to go to the Index page and click on the family hot-link in that (rather long) listing.  Also, the genus common name has been made a hot-link to a page listing thumbnails of all species contained in the USWildflowers database which are in that genus.

As an example, let’s look at Catesby’s  Trillium.  On that detail page, to the left below the bold list of common names and the scientific name – Catesby’s Trillium, Bashful Wakerobin, Rose Trillium – Trillium catesbaei – you’ll see the family name like this: Family: Liliaceae – Lily family.   If you click the family name, you’ll be brought to the USWildflowers’ list of Liliaceae species, 29 species as of this writing in December of 2011.  This includes species such as the Trout Lily, Indian Cucumber Root, and Yellow Mandarin.

But if you’re back at that Catesby’s Trillium page and you want to take a look at other Trilliums, look to the right of the family name and you’ll see Genus Common Name: Trillium.
Click on the word “Trillium” and you’ll be taken to the page of thumbnails of 10 species (in Dec 2011) of Trillium.

I hope you enjoy using this feature to explore related species on USWildflowers.com.

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