The Pocket – No Early Spring Here

We took advantage of some beautiful but chilly weather the past two weekends with a couple of short trips down to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain.   The picture from yesterday is a pretty good status update: still winter.

We’ve had a pretty good amount of snow in 2011, including a little sprinkle a couple of days ago. In the areas that get little or no direct sun, the snow is still around, including the “back areas” of the boardwalk on The Shirley Miller Wildflower Trail. While there is a lot of foliage showing for the toothworts, I couldn’t find any Harbinger of Spring blooming yet. I didn’t make it up to the falls area, but I doubt we’ve gotten any of those early signs of spring yet.

This is very similar to last year; a cold winter and late snows had things delayed comparing with the spring of 2009.  That year by Feb 7 we had Harbinger of Spring, Hepatica, and Toothwort blooming.  At this point 2011 seems to be more in line with 2010 than with 2009.

I anticipate fewer trips to The Pocket this season as I try to spend more time in other areas, but I will try to get a few updates on this excellent wildflower area out here as time allows.

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