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Mariposa Lily Identification Correction #Wildflowers

When I photographed this wildflower in Idaho I identified it a Calochortus eurycarpus, White Mariposa Lily.   I now think that was an incorrect ID; I believe this is Calochortus bruneaunis – Bruneau Mariposa Lily.   Read on for an explanation of how I changed my mind…

Bruneau Mariposa Lily- Calochortus bruneaunis

Bruneau Mariposa Lily- Calochortus bruneaunis

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Cedar Waxwing Lingers On #Birds

We hadn’t seen Cedar Waxwings around our neighborhood for about a week.    In the past they’ve passed through, hanging around for a week or so, and then disappearing until next year.  They’ve been party (along with many other species of birds) to consuming the berries on our Bradford pears, and since these berries appear to be gone now, I thought the Cedar Waxwings were gone for the winter as well.  However, while trying to photograph a pair of Red-wing Blackbirds that I had spotted earlier, I happened across this (unusually) lone cedar waxwing in some underbrush in our vacant lot next door.

Cedar Waxwing  - Bombycilla cedrorum

#NPOD: White Mariposa Lily #Nativeplants

Native Plant of the Day 01/13/2011.

Photo from June 7, 2010. Location: Ada County, ID.

Update 01/30/2011: I have decided that this identification as Calochortus eurycarpus was incorrect, and that this is Calorchortus bruneaunis instead.

White Mariposa Lily – for more photos / info go to the Calochortus eurycarpus detail page.

White Mariposa Lily - Calochortus eurycarpus

White Mariposa Lily - Calochortus eurycarpus

Kudzu – Pueraria montana – Added to USWildflowers Database

Kudzu, a non-native, invasive species, has been added to the USWildflowers database (01/09/2011.)  Scientific name is Pueraria montana.  It’s also known by the common names  Kudzu-vine, Foot-a-Night Vine, and Vine that ate the South.  Photo below was taken in Walker County, GA on September 16, 2010.

Kudzu - Pueraria montana

Kudzu - Pueraria montana