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Return to Lula Lake

Lower Lula Falls

I’d recently heard that the area was open to the public one or two days a month, and my son-in-law took several of his kids up there in April, thoroughly enjoying the visit.  When my wife’s brother and his family came for a visit from Florida and wanted to hike in the mountains, this seemed like a great opportunity for my first visit to the reopened area, especially since Cindy’s brother Steve hadn’t been to the area in about 30 years.  Saturday morning we packed some snacks, grabbed some grandkids, and our crew of 10 headed up the mountain.

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Southern Showy Skullcap – Scutellaria pseudoserrata – Added to USWildflowers Database

Southern Showy Skullcap, a native species, has been added to the USWildflowers database.  Scientific name is Scutellaria pseudoserrata.  This plant also goes by the common name Falseteeth Skullcap which is the USDA National Common Name for Scutellaria pseudoserrata.

Southern Showy Skullcap - Scutellaria pseudoserrata

Southern Showy Skullcap - Scutellaria pseudoserrata Website Update – State Reference Page

Two small changes to the State Reference Page on

  1. Randomized the thumbnails representing each color of species for the queried state.  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never took the time to track down how to randomize the species selection query results.  Turned out to be a simple clause addition to the MySQL query.  I’m pleased with the results.  You get a different thumbnail for each color each time you hit the page.  I’ve also restricted those thumbnails to select only from the U.S. native plants. 
  2. Added a Google Adsense advertisement at the bottom.  Sorry, folks, but these haven’t seemed to  be too intrusive, and I’m still trying to break even on that monthly web hosting fee.