04/01/2010 The Pocket Status Update

In summary: This will be a good weekend at The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, especially since tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and warm, as was today. 

Aquilegia canadensis - Columbine

Aquilegia canadensis - Columbine from 04/01/2010

Here’s a list of the wildflower status:

  • Bellwort: Bellwort is beginning to bloom.
  • Bent Trillium: There were a few Trillium flexipes blooming. More this weekend.
  • Bloodroot: Still blooming, although past peak.
  • Blue cohosh:  Blooming. Let’s call it a peak.
  • Chickweed:  Stellaria pubera blooming profusely. 
  • Columbine:  A couple of plants along the horse trail with blossoms.
  • Dutchman’s breeches:  A number of plants blooming.
  • Foamflower:  Just beginning to bloom.
  • Hepatica:  Blossoms are decreasing, but still easy to find.
  • Jack in the Pulpit: I found one opening along the horse trail.
  • Miterwort (Bishop’s cap):  A few plants along the creek just starting to bloom.
  • Pennywort: A few of these have appeared along the horse trail.
  • Purple phacelia: I found one plant along the horse trail blooming.
  • Pussytoes: A few plants starting to bloom along the horse trail.
  • Rue anemone:  Continue to be numerous.
  • Spring Beauty:  Still many of them around.
  • Toadshade: I didn’t note any Trillium cuneatum blooming.
  • Toothworts: Still plentiful, but many plants forming their seeds.
  • Trailing trillium: Many blooming now.
  • Trout lily:  Numerous.
  • Virginia bluebell: Numerous;  near peak.
  • Wild geranium:  I found a pair of plants just beginning to bloom along the horse trail.
  • Wood (celandine) poppy: Numerous, near peak.
  • Violets:
    • Canada violets:  Just beginning to bloom.
    • Common blue violet:  Common in quantity, but uncommonly beautiful.
    • Yellow violet:  Hundreds of them; probably both Viola rotundifolia and V. pennsylvanica.
    • Long-spurred violets: Quite numerous along the horse trail and creek.

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