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Hepatica – A Slightly Deeper Dive

My Twitter friend OurLittleAcre tweeted for an assist in a species identification on a Hepatica photo a day or so ago.  As we tweeted back and forth a few times about the species and color variation, it became clear that the subject was going to be difficult to discuss in 140-character messages, and since I wanted to record my thoughts and what I was learning as I researched the subjects, a post here on the USWildflowers Journal seemed to be in order.

Sharp-lobed Hepatica - Hepatica nobilis var acuta

Sharp-lobed Hepatica

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03/27/2010 The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain with GA Botanical Society

On Saturday I participated in the Georgia Botanical Society outing to The Pocket at Pigeon Mountain, led by Mike Christison.  I’m a new member of the BotSoc, as they call it, and this membership in this organization is already paying dividends in many ways.  In addition to showing me two more wildflowers sites on Pigeon Mountain, I picked up two new species at The Pocket.  One of those was the Roundleaf Yellow Violet.

Roundleaf Yellow Violet - Viola rotundifolia

Roundleaf Yellow Violet

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