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I’ve been mulling this idea over for a while, but thought I’d have to track the

Our aging beauty queen

Our Aging Beauty Queen

 vote myself, and I never found the time to implement the database and coding changes necessary to make it happen.  The Cyprepidium acaule (pink ladyslipper) photo that has been displayed in the right-side column on several of pages, including the home page, is getting a little long in the tooth.  I’ve decided that a new face is appropriate.  In fact, a new face maybe every month. 

Now that I’m using Google Analytics to review the visiting habits of folks that stop by

Our reigning queen

Our reigning queen, I can tell which wildflower gets the most visits to its detail page.  For example, in August it was our venerable pink ladyslipper.  However, in September it was the spotted jewelweed which was visited more often than any other wildflower on the site, and that lovely plant now holds the featured flower spot in that right-hand column.

Since the photo on those pages links to the detail page, the incumbent flower has an unfair advantage, but it works that way in our political system, too, so it must be OK.  Each month I plan to change the flower holding that spot to the one whose detail page was most visited the prior month.  (Hint: So far for October it is neither of the ones shown in this article.)  So, hit the wildflower index page or “USWildflowers Home” near the top of the page and – Go Vote with your Visits.

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